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  1. Lord00

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  3. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  4. * Nick: * Admin who banned you: * Steam ID: * IP: * The reason you received the ban: * Proof: * Date and time:
  5. *Nick: *Adminul care te-a banat: *Steam ID: *IP: *Motivul pentru care ai primit ban: *Dovada: *Data si ora:
  6. MODEL COMPLAINT: ¤ Your Name: ¤ Admin / player name: ¤ Theme: ¤ Evidence (pictures / demo): REGULATION RECLAMATIONS: 1. Complaints without evidence (screenshot / demo / video / pictures) will be RESPINSE regardless of the situation. 2. Only the RECLAIMER and the RECLAIMER are responsible for the complaints, in case you have proof, you can intervene. 3. Those who swear in complaints and do double-post will be sanctioned as such, according to the forum's internal rules. Dictionary -> COMPLAINT = Person making a complaint. -> SUBSCRIBED = Person denounced; defendant, defendant, accused.
  7. MODEL RECLAMATIE : ¤ Numele dvs. : ¤ Nume admin/player reclamat : ¤ Motiv : ¤ Dovezi (poze/demo) : REGULAMENT RECLAMAŢII : 1. Reclamaţiile fără dovezi (screenshot/demo/video/poze) , vor fi RESPINSE indiferent de situaţie . 2. La reclamaţii răspund doar RECLAMANTUL şi RECLAMATUL , în caz că deţineţi o dovadă , puteţi interveni . 3. Cei care se înjură la reclamaţii şi fac dublu-post , vor fi sancţionaţi ca atare , după regulamentul intern al forumului . Dicţionar/DEX -> RECLAMANT = Persoană care face o reclamație . -> RECLAMAT = Persoană denunțată; pârât, inculpat, învinuit .
  8. Lord00

    ✦ Counter-terrorist [Anti-Furien] ✦ 1) They are not allowed on Texture [map]! (slay / kick / ban 30 min) 2) They are not allowed to make CAMP especially bomb or TB! (slay followed by ban 30 min) 3) Silent Walk (Shift) are allowed only when they want to avoid the explosion of a grenade set on "motion-sensor" mode! (Slay / kick) ✦ Terrorist [Furien] ✦ 1) Do not allow more than 2 Heads in Bomb! (Slay / Kick) 2) The bomb is only planted in the last 60 seconds! (Slay / Kick) 3) In the last 60 seconds if you're camping and do not try bombing as much as possible, you get Slay / Kick / Ban 120 minutes ✦ Players' Rules ✦ 1) It is forbidden to use the vulgar language on the server! (Gag / Ban) 2) It is forbidden to comment anyway on an admin! (Gag / Ban) 3) It is forbidden to try again while you are trying to get rid of him, you will get a ban for 120 minutes! 4) It is forbidden to try again to change the team! You will get a 30 minute ban! Let the server move you! 5) No Cheat (Hack, Code) is not supported on this server! (Tolerance 0 vs. coded, whether admin or not, DESTROY + BAN PERMANENT.) 6) Absolutely all players have to announce codes on the say_team (@) coded name or simpler "u @ coded name". (Only if a player seems suspicious to you!) 7) You are not allowed to use any bugs to your advantage (Slay / Ban). Do not ask to change a map if players are on it! (Gag) 9) Players are not allowed to sit AFK / SPEC on the server if the ser ver is full! (Ban 5 minutes). 10) If no admin is on the server and is encrypted, you can do a demo (record "name" in the console) and save the player's ip through the command amx_showip. 11) Whoever does not follow the ADMIN's decision will receive gag / kick if you find it abusive to make a complaint. 12) Abuse of say_team @ (u @) is penalized with money (10 to 30 minutes). If you have totally gagged, complain! Admins have the obligation to notify the player not to use say_team @ (u @) at least 2 times before giving a ban! 13) If you've read so far, in the admin / upgrade request questionnaire, "Did you read the guidelines?" you will write "Yes, and I will respect it!". ✦ Regulation Admini ✦ 1) No admin has the right to start a quarrel. "Either friends as admins, or enemies as playmen" (Remove those who quarrel with each other / give orders to each other!) 2) An admin has no right to use serious commands on a player who complies with the game. They will be sanctioned according to the gravity of the mistake! 3) On each map in the last 5 minutes, an admin is required to cast a vote with at least 2 maps. 4) Every day of the year / month / week, the admin has the obligation to visit the forum, to respond to the PRO or CONTRA requests to Ban & Unban Complaints and Demands including SLOTS! 5) The administrator who has problems, can not sit for a while at the computer, leaves the city / country, has the obligation to post his / her absence on the forum or he / she will receive REMOVE Permanent without a return. 6) While players are on the server, an admin must be present at each PLAYED CODAT! 7) The administrator who will abuse the commands (say, csay, psay, tsay, slap, slay, kick) will choose to downgrade from the start. (SAY, CSAY, TSAY, PSAY) Permitted MAXIM 3 times and just to announce something important! Every ADMIN has to sit at least 15 minutes on the map! 9) Even the players who are willing to help the server can manage evenings between 1 am and 6 am in the morning, and they can stay overnight to keep the server's chart down. 10) No admin is allowed to change the name of a player who advertises in a name like: (Fan xxx, Faint, Prost) or other vulgar words. The name of the advertiser in the name must have FURIEN.EVILS.RO! 11) All Admins have the obligation to observe this regulation! Remove those who violate this policy. 12) Admins who give orders to other admins will take -1, NO EXCEPTION! 13) All admins who take pictures of a player have the obligation to leave at least 3 minutes (maximum 4-5) of the player to take the pictures on! (Those who will be banning the player faster than 3 minutes will be sanctioned with -1 cg ad). 14) Highest admin in grade yes, changemap consulting with other online administrators right now. - excluded founders 15) Bananas and kicks after 22:00 are strictly forbidden, sanctioned with REMOVE. 16) Higher-ranking administrators have an obligation to guide smaller / less experienced administrators. Do not skip criticism because nobody was born. - REMOVE sanction 17) The founders' decision is final and irrevocable, any comments may lead to suspension / removal. 18) Admins are not allowed to ask for explanations for colleagues. Come with the evidence to a founder or file a complaint to the staff only. The violation of the rule is sanctioned.
  9. Real Name: Nick: How many hours do you have? (Gametracker):
  10. Numele real: Nick: Cate ore ai? (Gametracker):
  11. ★ Name: ★ Current rating: ★ Degree required: ★ Link GAMETRACKER with the hours: ★ Have you read the guidelines ?: ★ Other Questions ?: ★ Do not upgrade if you do not have the required hours! ★ If you have not read the guidelines, do not bother to make a request! ★ Hours required to make a request: 150 hours = Owner 120 hours = Co-owner 100 hours = Best-God 85 hours = God's 70 hours = MODERATOR 50 hours = Co-Moderator 20 hours = Helper 5 hours = Slot
  12. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  13. Pentru cei care doresc să ajute serverul boostândul , în această listă se va ține evidența tuturor boosturile date serverului FURIEN.EVILS.RO prin platforma de boosting